Crane & Hoist Accessories

Ace Crane has a complete line of Crane and Hoist Accessories to customize your Overhead Crane and Hoist to meet your production requirements.
Ace Crane has a large variety of accessories including Crane & Hoist Pendant Control Stations, Crane and Hoist Radio Control Systems, Crane and Hoist Variable Frequency Drives, Crane and Hoist Buss Bar Electrification Systems and Wireless E Stops to Control Machinery.

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Flat Festoon

Festoon Cable & Track Systems for Overhead Cranes and Hoists

Flat Cable Electrification is an ideal electrification choice for relatively short runs of travel. Flat Festoon Electrification offers a completely sealed conductor system for safety and is easy to install and maintain.

  • 14 Gauge C-Track and 12 Gauge C-Track systems are available in galvanized or stainless steel for flat or round cable and air hoses.
  • Factory pre-formed curves in 14 gauge systems are available in 4', 5', 6', and 7' radii.
  • Aluminum track is available for pipe type trolleys for both straight and curved systems.
  • Wire supported systems available for both flat and round cables.
  • New pendant control trolleys with Quick Plug disconnects available.


Special Applications & Services for Festoon Systems

  • Stainless steel and brass bearings for special applications.
  • Precision bearing available in both 14 and 12 gauge sizes for long life wear and high speeds.
  • Both steel and plastic saddles available for flat and round cables.
  • Pre-assembled systems with cables on trolleys and packed for rapid installation.
  • Standard cables available in sizes ranging from #2AWG to #16AWG.
  • Cable fittings in both cast metal with grommets and non-metallic shrink type.
  • Tiered saddles for special cable loads or configurations.


1.Track Joint Assembly
2. Track Hanger Clamp
3. Cross Arm Support Bracket
4. Control Box Trolley
5. C-Track
6. Intermediate Trolley Saddle Assembly
7. End Clamp and Saddle Assembly
8. End Cap
9. Cable Connector
10.Junction Box
11.Flat Cable
12.Strain Relief Cable
13.Pendant Push Button Cable
14.Pendant Push Button Station
15.Tow Trolley and Saddle Assembly
16.Tow Bar
17.End Stop


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