Crane & Hoist Accessories

Ace Crane has a complete line of Crane and Hoist Accessories to customize your Overhead Crane and Hoist to meet your production requirements.
Ace Crane has a large variety of accessories including Crane & Hoist Pendant Control Stations, Crane and Hoist Radio Control Systems, Crane and Hoist Variable Frequency Drives, Crane and Hoist Buss Bar Electrification Systems and Wireless E Stops to Control Machinery.

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Radio Controls

Installation of a High Quality American Made Remtron Patriot Series Crane Radio Control can quickly Increase the Safety of your Employees and also Increase Productivity:
Increase Safety & Ease of Operation with Industrial Strength Remtron Patriot Series Crane and Hoist Radio Control

  • Crane Remote Control Allows full concentration on crane operation and Increases Crane Operator Safety.  The Crane Operator does not have to follow the moving crane with an attached pendant.
  • Crane Operator can control the crane from the safest location with no restriction from a fixed length pendant cable.
  • Transmitters responsive push buttons allow for easy and precise crane and hoist control.

Increase Productivity with Remtron Patriot Series Crane and Hoist Radio Control

  • The Radio Transmitter stays with the operator, always ready for use.  The crane can move at optimum speed and is not limited to the operators pace.

Less Maintenance - Long Life

  • Installation of a Remtron Patriot Series Crane and Hoist Radio Control will result in less maintenance and a longer life since there is no pendant cord to wear out and replace.
  • The Remtron Patriot Series Crane Radio System is a Heavy Duty Crane Radio Control System and will take the harshest of abuse.  It is Made in the USA in Escondido California and is the choice for manufacturers looking for a permanent solution to their Crane and Hoist Radio Control Needs.  It should not be compared to the Cheap Asian Imports that are flooding the market.
  • Unconditional 1 Year Transmitter Warranty
  • Active Emergency Stop
  • Maintained Link Transmission ensures that transmitter is always within range of receiver while equipment is operating.
  • On/Alarm and Off / E-Stop Push-buttons 
  • LED Status Indicator
  • 900 MHz License Free Frequencies
  • 120 VAC Receivers
  • NEMA 12 Extruded Aluminum Enclosure for Receiver
  • Built in 6 ft Wire Harness
  • Internal Transmitter Antenna
  • Standard Alkaline AA Batteries
  • Labels for Both Compass Directions


Spare Transmitter Pricing is only valid when transmitter is purchased with Complete Radio System.


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