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Ace Crane has a complete line of Crane and Hoist Accessories to customize your Overhead Crane and Hoist to meet your production requirements.
Ace Crane has a large variety of accessories including Crane & Hoist Pendant Control Stations, Crane and Hoist Radio Control Systems, Crane and Hoist Variable Frequency Drives, Crane and Hoist Buss Bar Electrification Systems and Wireless E Stops to Control Machinery.

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Tagline Kit

Trolley Kit for Flat Cable includes the following:

  • End Clamp Assembly
  • Eye  Bolt, Thimble and U Clamp
  • Single Wheel Trolleys
  • Nylon Coated Wire Rope, 1/4" dia.
  • Two Wheel Lead Trolley
  • Tow Arm Assembly


Support Brackets to support Trolley Kit to be supplied by customer.  This is typically 1/4" thick angle or channel iron.
Power Cable is not included in price.


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