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Posi Turner

Easily Lift & Rotate Items up to 150 Tons !


The Posi-Turner is a patented, ergonomically designed material handling system for the lifting, suspension, rotation and positioning of objects in light to heavy-duty applications. With only one operator using a hand-held pendant or wireless remote control, the Posi-Turner can lift in excess of 150 tons and handle virtually anything, including odd-shaped objects. Heavy-duty slings, powered by a powerful roller drum or independent drive system, make it easier to work with hard-to-handle materials - safely, efficiently, and with no damage to the work piece.


The Posi-Turner gives you the flexibility to choose a drive system and a leveler system to create a solution for your application and material handling requirements. There are Posi-Turner models for just about any heavy material handling application. We can also adapt a Posi-Turner system for a specific application





Safety and Ergonomics

  • Provides better, safer, working conditions by positioning the work piece at a distance. Eliminates tipping or dropping work pieces and the shock load to the crane associated with using two cranes to roll over a heavy object.
  • Allows you to stop or start rotation at any point.
  • Makes it easier to position a work piece.
  • Provides ergonomic benefits to employees performing production and assembly work.
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards, including ANSI/ASME B30.20, AWS D1.1, ANSI/NFPA 70.



  •  Lifts, levels and rotates objects without re-rigging.
  • Improves production process efficiency, by keeping an assembly line moving.
  • Makes rotation, positioning and precision work easier.
  • Requires only one operator for system rotation.
  • Saves production time and labor time.


Damage-Free Product Quality

  • Eliminates product slipping and dropping.
  • Reduces product damage


Aircraft Industry Application
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group - Portland, Oregon

Boeing Commerical Airplane Group


The Challenge

  • Product Handled: machined steel, titanium or aluminum landing gear beams and flap tracks
  • Product Dimensions: 17'L x 4'W x 2'H
  • Product Weight: 5,300 lb.


Boeing used a crane with a single sling to help employees lift and position the aircraft components during fabrication. The problem with this method was safety. There was a risk of employee injury, either from the part dropping, or manipulating a part that was turning unevenly. In addition, these high-tech components require precise, careful handling to prevent expensive damage.


The Posi-Turner Solution

  • Posi-Turner Model 1-144-7L-HD (Drum Style)
  • 7,000 lb. capacity
  • Powered load leveling in mid-air


The Benefits

Employee Safety: After seeing the video tape, a Boeing employee recognized the Posi-Turner as a safer way to handle these odd-shaped pieces, and suggested the Posi-Turner Solution.

Precise Handling: The Posi-Turner's two-sling design, positive drive and fail-safe braking system allow the operator to accurately control the work piece rotation. In fact, Boeing reports even smoother handling and turning than expected.

Product Protection: The PVC coated slings are both strong and flexible, and handle these high-tech components without damaging them.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our commitment to quality and after-sale service made the Posi-Turner the right choice for effective, dependable performance.


Safety First


Metals and Metal Fabrication
McQuay International - Fairbault, Minnesota

MCQuay International


The Challenge

  • Product Handled: condenser coils
  • Product Dimensions: 5'L x 4'W x 1'H
  • Product Weight: 1,000 lb.


McQuay International tests its condenser coils for leaks by carefully positioning and submerging them in a water tank. The coils are stored vertically, on edge, leaning on one another. The coils must be picked up and rotated 90 degrees and returned to storage. Previously, McQuay had used a single crane to pull and drop the coils into the test tank. Process time, safety and product damage were all significant and costly problems. Without precise handling equipment, positioning of the coils was very time-consuming. Employees were at risk when they had to manually help position the suspended coils. In addition, the coils were easily damaged if dropped or pulled from the tank.

The Posi-Turner Solution
  • Posi-Turner Model 1-80-3L-HD (Drum Style)
  • 3,000 lb. capacity
  • Powered load leveling in mid-air

The Benefits

Reduced Process Time: The Posi-Turner automatically levels and rotates the coils in mid-air and can stop at any position. This gives a single operator complete and precise control over the coil, and makes the leak-testing process simpler and more efficient. McQuay International reports the Posi-Turner has reduced process time up to 20 percent.

Safety: McQuay International discovered that the Posi-Turner is a safer way to handle the coils. Precise control by a single operator reduces the need for manual positioning. The Posi-Turner's two-sling design, positive drive, and fail-safe braking system all help reduce risk of injury.

Proven Performance: For McQuay International, our commitment to quality and problem-solving means effective, dependable performance, day in and day out. In fact, they now use three Posi-Turner systems to save time and money on difficult handling jobs.

Safety First


Marine Industry Composite Molds
Four Winns - Cadillac, Michigan

Marine Industry Composite Molds


The Challenge

  • Product Handled: molded fiberglass powerboat decks
  • Product Dimensions: 27'L x 10'W x 4'H
  • Product Weight: 800 lb.


Powerboat manufacturer Four Winns used cranes with an improvised "swivel" apparatus and belts to turn fiberglass boat components in the manufacturing process. After the fiberglass decks are removed from the molds, they are rotated so holes and flanges can be cut and ground. Later, before the final assembly phase, the decks are turned for finishing and inspection.

A critical area of concern was safety, because employees did not have complete control over the decks as they rotated them. Workers had to swing the decks around as they turned, and were at risk for injury from dropped or improperly positioned parts. When the product must be turned during several manufacturing phases, an inefficient material handling system can cause problems. At Four Winns, it took too much time to properly position the boat decks with their "swivel" attachment.

The Posi-Turner Solution
  • Posi-Turner Model 1-180-3-SD (Drum Style)
  • 3,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • 180 in. maximum sling spacing
  • System uses two hoists
  • Polyester slings with PVC wear pad


The Benefits

Improved Safety: With the Posi-Turner system, a single operator can pick up and accurately position a work piece without manipulating the turn by hand, and can stop and start the rotation at any point. Four Winns has found that its Posi-Turner has improved safety and provides more complete control in handling.

Time Savings: With the Posi-Turner, deck rotation is now quick and simple, and, as a result, production has become more efficient. Four Winns reports it can turn boat components up to 20 percent faster.

Proven Performance: Four Winns currently uses three different Posi-Turner systems to handle boat components of various sizes, and for different stages of production.

Safety First


Metal Fabrication
Heavy Industries and Construction

Metal Fabrication


The Challenge

  • Product Handled: highway bridge box girders and support beams
  • Product Dimensions: 80'L x 10'W x 10'H
  • Product Weight: 150,000 lb.


A major industrial construction company used cranes with chains to pull, jerk and drop these large work pieces into positioning for welding. Each turn required extensive rigging and re-rigging. Problems with this method were safety and process time. Crane, equipment and floor damage were also significant problems. Employees risked accidents and injury when pulling, tipping and dropping weldments this large.

The Posi-Turner Solution
  • (2) Posi-Turner Model 1-120-80-SD (Two Independent Drive Chain Sling System)
  • 160,000 lb. total capacity
  • Two overhead cranes


The Benefits

Improved Safety: With the Posi-Turner system, a single operator can precisely control and position even a 75 ton weldment. The smooth Posi-Turner rotation can be stopped and started from any point.

Time Savings: The Posi-Turner has reduced process time up to 25 percent.

Proven Performance: Several Posi-Turners are in operation at this company's manufacturing locations because they are the most cost-effective solutions for tough handling jobs like these.

Safety First


Precast Concrete Industry
Elk River Concrete Products - Shakopee, Minnesota

Precast Concrete


The Challenge

  • Product Handled: precast drycast concrete molds for manholes and catch basins
  • Product Dimensions: 6'L x 4'W x 4'H
  • Product Weight: 15,000 lb.


Elk River Concrete produces a variety of manufactured concrete products, (including sewer components, culverts and barriers) using precast drycast molds. In its monolithic pour process, the product is poured upside-down, with bottom and sides integrated. The mold is filled with concrete, and a vibration table is used to compact the product in minutes. To strip the product from the jacket, the full mold must be turned upright so the product rests on a pallet. Then the jacket is lifted from the product, and inverted to the ready position for the next cycle.

Before the Posi-Turner, workers lifted the molds with a hoist and spreader beam, with two chains bolted to pegs on the mold sides. Using only gravity to rotate the mold, it spun in an uncontrolled turn and swung to a stop. The major concern was safety, since the workers were at considerable risk as they handled molds. Once lifted, there was no way to control the violent spin and swing of these heavy, awkward parts.

The Posi-Turner Solution

  • Posi-Turner Model 15FS-120 (Drum Style)
  • 15,000 lb.
  • Polyester slings with PVC wear pad
  • Slings turn adjustable trunnions fabricated on mold


The Benefits

Precise Rotation: The Posi-Turner uses flexible slings to turn adjustable trunnions, which are positioned on the mold sides according to shape and contents.

Violent Spin Eliminated: With a perfectly controlled turn that can be stopped and started at any point.

Improved Safety: Elk River Concrete's plant manager worked with a ' engineer to develop a system to make his monolithic drycast process safer. "Our safety director is very satisfied, which is important to everyone." The Posi-Turner has proven to be a cost-effective solution to a tough handling problem.

Cost Savings: With Posi-Turner, workers don't have to wait for the mold to stop swinging. The trunnions attach quickly to the pre-calculated position, with no guesswork. The result: up to 25 percent less positioning time. The Posi-Turner also eliminated the uncontrolled spin that often caused product damage as it slid and shifted in the mold. In addition, the crane and hoist are not damaged by violent shock and drop.

Safety First


The Chassis Master


The Challenge

  • Product Handled: truck and bus chassis
  • Product Dimensions: 40'L x 6'W x 4'H
  • Product Weight: 20,000 lb.


The Posi-Turner Solution

  • Posi-Turner Model 2-0-30-SP-HD (2 independent drive roller chain sling system)
  • 30,000 lb. capacity


The Benefits

Fast: Turn time under one minute; Cycle time under five minutes; (attach, lift, turn, lower, release)

Easy to Use: Two pins to insert; two clamps to tighten; one button to push.

Cost Effective: Low investment; low installation cost; simple construction; low maintenance; heavy duty construction.

Versatile: Easily adjustable for various chassis sizes. Works with all suspensions and accessories.

Safety First


Weldments Industrial Equipment
Precision Press - Hobart, Indiana

Weldments Industrial Equipment


The Challenge

  • Product Handled: stamping press subassemblies
  • Product Dimensions: 18'L x 12'W x 14'H
  • Product Weight: 220,000 lb.


Precision Press fabricates stamping press subassemblies at its plant in Hobart, Indiana. During fabrication, the assemblies must be rotated up to 180 degrees. Precision Press needed to rotate these assemblies safely and efficiently without damaging the product.


The Posi-Turner Solution

      • Posi-Turner Model 2-0-220 (2 independent drive with coil sling system)
      • 220,000 lb. total capacity


The Benefits

Increased Safety: The Posi-Turner rotates the weldments, up to 110 tons in weight, safely with no shock loading to cranes or danger to operators.

Efficient: The Posi-Turner has reduced labor and crane time by 40 percent.

Damage Free: The Posi-Turner's smooth rotation ensures no product damage. Weldments are not torqued or damaged from accidental dropping.

Performance: "This is the cat's meow - you can't get any safer than this. We could not function without the Posi-Turner." - Precision Press production manager

Safety First


Transportation Rail Industry
ALSTOM Canada Inc. - Transport - Montreal, Quebec Canada

Transportation Rail Industry

The Challenge

  • Product Handled: locomotive frames
  • Product Dimensions: 65'L x 9'W x 2'H
  • Product Weight: 50,000 lb.


ALSTOM Canada, Inc. - Transport converts freight locomotives to passenger locomotives as one facet of its production phase. The remanufacturing process requires the replacement of all electrical wiring, pipes, fuel tanks, air tanks, battery cases and various other components located under the locomotive frame. Component installation is accomplished by positioning the structure on jacks.

Before the Posi-Turner, employees worked under the jack-supported structure for long time periods while supporting the parts to be installed. The company wanted to accomplish tasks without employee injury, structural bending or component breakage.


The Posi-Turner Solution

  • Posi-Turner Model 2-0-60-HD (2 independent drive with coil sling system)
  • Two independent drive units system
    60,000 lb. total capacity


The Benefits

Increased Safety: The Posi-Turner positions the structure upside down, allowing employees to remain in a safe, comfortable position for the installation of components with ease. After installation is completed, the Posi-Turner returns the structure safely to its original position.

More Efficient: ALSTOM saves an average of 500 production hours and a cost reduction of thousands of dollars per locomotive structure.

Damage Free: The Posi-Turner eliminated breakage of installed components and bending of the locomotive structure.

Improved Performance:"The Posi-Turner is proof that the investments made by GEC ALSTOM are meant to improve our profitability and ensure our future." Alstrom Company representative.



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