Ace Crane has a complete line of high performance cranes designed to meet production requirements.Ace Crane selects components for your cranes from leading suppliers in the Industry based on your unique requirements.

Cranes supplied by Ace Crane include Bridge Cranes, Work Station Cranes, Jib Cranes, Monorail Systems and Gantry Cranes.

Ace Crane also offers Freestanding Crane Structures in situations where your Crane System can not be supported from your building.

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A Series Gantry Crane

The Spanco A Series Gantry Crane is a Versatile Low Cost Gantry that has both FIXED and ADJUSTABLE Height Models.

Not recommended for use with Hoists with Motorized Trolley

 Steel Construction - Capacities to 10 Ton

  • Adjustable and Fixed Height Models
  • Max Underbeam Heights to 16'-0"
  • Standard Spans to 40'-0"


Aluminum Construction - Capacities to 2 Ton

  • Adjustable Height / Span
  • Max Underbeam Heights to 12'-2"
  • Standard  Spans to 15'-0"


Spring Loaded Height Adjustment

Six inch incremental height adjustment secures with spring loaded steel locking pins which automatically engage when height positioning holes are reached.


Adjustable Span

Allows for easy width adjustment without drilling the I-Beam.  The kit is standard on all aluminum models and is optional on steel models.  Does not require factory installation



Four-position, swivel lock casters with moldon polyurethane wheels protect floors from damage.


Optional LUG-All Winch- Hoist Kit

Adjusts the Gantry height according to job specific lifting requirements and / or movement through doorways. The kit includes two LUG-ALL cable winch-hoists.  (For use with A Series Gantries Only.)  To be used under no load condition only)




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