Ace Crane has a complete line of high performance cranes designed to meet production requirements.Ace Crane selects components for your cranes from leading suppliers in the Industry based on your unique requirements.

Cranes supplied by Ace Crane include Bridge Cranes, Work Station Cranes, Jib Cranes, Monorail Systems and Gantry Cranes.

Ace Crane also offers Freestanding Crane Structures in situations where your Crane System can not be supported from your building.

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Bridge Cranes

A Bridge Crane is an Overhead Crane that runs on an elevated track above the factory floor.  Bridge Cranes offer hook movement in 3 axis, (X, Y and Z).


Bridge Cranes are available in Underhung and Top Riding Designs with Single or Double Girder Configurations.



Top Riding Cranes ride upon a ASCE rail which is installed on top of Runway Beams.

Underhung Cranes hang from the bottom flange of the Runway Beam.


Ace Crane offers a Full Line of Standard and Custom Designed Cranes to meet almost any specification.


Ace Crane specializes in Turnkey Crane Projects including Consulting, Engineering, Design, Permitting, Fabrication, Installation, Start-up and Operator Training.


We can also supply Freestanding Crane Structures for Cranes up to 40 Ton.



Top Riding Single Girder

Capacities to 15 Ton

Spans to 65 feet.

Lift Heights to 256 feet


Underhung Single Girder

Capacities to 10 Ton

Spans to 60 feet

Lifts to 256 feet


Top Riding Double Girder

Capacities to 40 Ton

Spans to 90 feet

Lift Heights to 256 feet.


Underhung Double Girder

Capacities to 20 Ton

Spans to 120 feet


Freestanding Crane Systems

Capacities to 40 Tons

Spans to 60'+



Below are some pictures of some Recent Installations:



Call  Ace Crane at (800) 562-9840 or Email to Review your Plants Crane Requirements.


CMAA Crane Service Classes






Standby or Infrequent Use

This service class covers cranes which may be used  in installations such as power houses, public utilities, turbine rooms, motor rooms and transformer stations where precise handling of equipment at slow speeds with long, idle periods between lifts are required.  Capacity loads may be handled for initial installation of equipment and for infrequent maintenance.


Light Service

This service covers cranes which may be used in repair shops, light assembly operations, service buildings, light warehousing, etc. where service requirements are light and the speed is slow.  Loads may vary from no load to occasional full rated loads with two to five lifts per hour, averaging ten feet per lift.


Moderate Service

This service covers cranes which may be used in machine shops or paper mill machine rooms, etc., where service requirements are moderate.  In this type of service the crane will handle loads which average 50 percent of the rated capacity with 5 to 10 lifts per hour, averaging 15 feet, not over 50% of the lift at rated capacity.


Heavy Service

This service covers cranes whicy may be used in heavy machine shops, foundries, fabricating plants, steel warehouses, container yards, lumber mills, etc., and standard duty bucket and magnet operations where heavy duty production is required.  In this type of service, loads approaching 50% of the rated capacity will be handled constantly during the work period.  High speeds are desirable for this type of service with 10 to 20 lifts per hour averaging 15 feet, not over 65% of the lifts at rated capacity.


Severe Service

This type of service requires a crane capable of handling loads approaching a rated capacity throughout its life.  Applications may include magnet, bucket, magnet/bucket combinations for scrap yards, cement mills, lumber mills, fertilizer plants, container handling, etc., with 20 or more lifts per hour at or near the rated capacity.


Continuous Severe Service

This type of service requires a crane capable of handling loads approaching rated capacity continuously under severe service conditions throughout its life.  Applications may include custom designed speciality cranes essential to performing the critical work tasks affecting the total production facility.  These cranes must provide the highest reliability with special attention to ease maintenance features.


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