Ace Crane has a complete line of high performance cranes designed to meet production requirements.Ace Crane selects components for your cranes from leading suppliers in the Industry based on your unique requirements.

Cranes supplied by Ace Crane include Bridge Cranes, Work Station Cranes, Jib Cranes, Monorail Systems and Gantry Cranes.

Ace Crane also offers Freestanding Crane Structures in situations where your Crane System can not be supported from your building.

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Product Type

Coverage Area Type

Coverage Area Size



Bridge Crane

Square or Rectangular

Width: 90 ft 

Length: Unlimited

Up to 80,000 lbs

Up to 40 ft support centers.

Workstation Cranes

Square or Rectangular

Width: 34 ft

Length: Unlimited

Up to 4,000 lbs

Up to 30 ft support centers.

Heavy Duty Jib Cranes


360 degree rotation

Up to 10,000 lbs

Up to 20 ft

Wall Bracket/Cantilever Jib Crane


200 degree rotation

Up to 10,000 lbs

Up to 30 ft

Gantry Cranes


Width: 40 ft

Length: Unlimited

Up to 30,000 lbs Standard



Ace Crane can supply Custom Cranes Systems outside these parameters. Please call Ace to discuss your application.  800-562-9840 or Email 



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