Ace Crane has a complete line of high performance cranes designed to meet production requirements.Ace Crane selects components for your cranes from leading suppliers in the Industry based on your unique requirements.

Cranes supplied by Ace Crane include Bridge Cranes, Work Station Cranes, Jib Cranes, Monorail Systems and Gantry Cranes.

Ace Crane also offers Freestanding Crane Structures in situations where your Crane System can not be supported from your building.

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Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Jib Cranes built to your Specifications - Gorbel - Spanco


Heavy Duty Free Standing Jib Cranes  are very versatile cranes.  These Floor Mounted Jib Cranes are perfect underneath large bridge cranes, in open areas where they can serve several work stations, in outdoor applications such as loading docks, or in machining and assembly operations where they can be overlapped with other jib cranes to provide staged coverage.


  • Industrial Jib Cranes are available in floor mounted, and sleeve insert mounted styles
  • Capacities from 500 to 10,000 lbs, with spans to 20 ft.
  • Use I-beam boom assemblies for heavier capacities and longer spans
  • Motorized Rotation Jib Cranes Available


Typical uses of Jib Cranes:

  • Circular coverage areas
  • Outdoor applications such as loading docks
  • Applications underneath large bridge cranes
  • Open areas where the jib can serve several areas
  • Machining or assembly applications where it can be overlapped with other jibs to provide staged coverage



Selection of the right Jib Crane should be based on the type and extent of structural support available, requirements (present or anticipated) for powered operation of the hoist or crane, the relative cost of equipment, and the overall cost of installation.


Capacity:   The maximum weight in tons that the crane is designed to support.  It is based on a design load which equals the capacity of crane plus a standard hoist allowance (15% of capacity) and an standard impact allowance (25% of capacity).


Underboom Height:  The distance in feet from the floor to the underside of the jib crane boom.  The minimum height under boom must be equal to the height of the load, the maximum distance the load is lifted, plus the headroom required for the hoist, trolley and lifting attachments.


Overall Height:  The distance in feet to the highest point on the Jib Crane.  A minimal clearance (3" nominal) from any obstructions above the boom or tension rod assembly must be provided through the entire rotation of the Jib Crane.


Working Span:  This is less than the nominal span.  It is a function of the maximum hook reach and the ability to get the trolley close to the mast.


Power Requirements:  Will the crane require power for rotation or to operate the hoist or trolley?  If so, will it be air or electric power supplied to the Jib Crane?  Will power be supplied above the Jib Crane Mast or at ground level?


Installation:  The cost of installing the crane in the plant can equal or exceed the cost of the crane itself.  Look for a crane design that simplifies the installation procedure by providing bolted connections between the mast and the boom.


Safety:  Insist on features that maximize protection to the worker and the load such as:   fabricated fittings, double shear bolt mountings, movable endstops, avoidance of tension welds and protection from accidental dislodgement of the head and boom.



Other Styles of Jib Cranes:

Wall  Bracket Jib Cranes - Mounted to Building Wall / Column

Wall Cantilever Jib Cranes - Mounted to Building Wall / Column

Workstation Jib Cranes - Light Capacities from 100 - 1,000 Lbs.

Articulating Jib Cranes - To reach around Obstructions


Jib Crane Accessories:


Manufacturers Represented:

Abell Howe Jib Cranes

Gorbel Jib Cranes

Spanco Jib Cranes


Multiple Manufacturing Locations to save you Freight !

Rochester, New York

Pell City, Alabama

Morgontown, Pennslyvannia

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles, California


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