Ace Crane is the leading supplier of high quality and durable hoists that find their application in many manufacturing and industrial scenarios. All the hoists provided by us are trusted the world over for their robust built, incredible sturdiness and top-notch performance. These are manufactured using finest quality raw materials and constructed strictly according to the set industry standards.

We offer an extensive and comprehensive range of different hoists that are suitable to satisfy just about any lifting and loading requirement. Various hoists offered by us include Harrington Hoist, Electric Chain Hoist, Air Chain Hoists and Explosion Proof Hoists.

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Acco Speedway Hoist

The Acco Speedway Wire Rope Hoists

Capacities from 1 to 5 Ton Capacity


Standard Features:



Standard Acco Hoist controls come in single and two speed configurations.  Magnetic reversing contactors, both mechanically and electrically interlocked.  115V control circuit.  Meets NEC requirements.  NEMA Type 3R enclosure.  Lightweight, durable and easily accessible.



Acco Hoists are equipped with a motor brake that is proven in millions of hours of in-service operation, the original Wright A-C magnetic-actuated disc brake delivers rapid stops with virtually no hook drift.  Rated a minimum of 150% of full load motor torque.



The Acco New Century Series Wire Rope Hoist utilizes a U.S. manufactured motor.  30 minute duty, Class F insulation.  Standard single speed motor is povided for 230/460 or 575 3 phase, 60 hertz power supplies.  Motor thermostats are standard - providing both running and overcurrent protection.



Each Acco Wright Wire Rope Hoist has machined grooved and large flanges for smooth winding and extra rope life.  At least two full turns of rope remain on the drum at the low hook position.



Each Acco Hoist has a gravity type upper hook travel limit switch comes equipped with an automatic momentary lowering circuit.



All Acco Hoist gears operate in the largest oil reservoir in the industry and are enclosed in a rugged fluted aluminum alloy housing.  The oil bath and housing combine to provide rapid heat dissipation, an important aspect of achieving the high volume hoist duty of an H4 classification.  Oil sight gauge on housing cover permits quick visual inspection.



All Acco Wire Rope Hoists are equipped with an automatic Weston Type multiple disc brake, carried forward from the original Work Rated design.  The mechanical load brake can hold a full capacity load independent of the motor brake and assures that the load does not accelerate while being lowered.  Adjustment of the Acco Hoist mechanical load brake is not required.



All Acco Electric Wire Rope Hoists are equipped with quiet, helical and spur gearing.  All gears are machine cut, case-hardened alloy steel with shock-resistant ductile cores.  Designed to AGMA standards.



All Acco Hoists are equipped with precision heavy-duty ball bearings support all shafts.  Bearings at outboard ends of shafts are held in place by a heavy-duty Spider Retainer.  This allows removal of Gear Housing for inspection (after draining oil).  All internal parts remain in place and can be operated for inspection.



Pre-formed wire rope, of hoisting service construction, has swaged fitting on both ends for ease of replacement if necessary.



Drop forged heat-treated steel hook swivels 360 degrees on a shielded roller thrust bearing and comes equipped with a spring latch.  Work can be performed on the load block without removing wire rope from drum.  Steel sheaves are standard.


Optional Features Include:





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