Ace Crane is the leading supplier of high quality and durable hoists that find their application in many manufacturing and industrial scenarios. All the hoists provided by us are trusted the world over for their robust built, incredible sturdiness and top-notch performance. These are manufactured using finest quality raw materials and constructed strictly according to the set industry standards.

We offer an extensive and comprehensive range of different hoists that are suitable to satisfy just about any lifting and loading requirement. Various hoists offered by us include Harrington Hoist, Electric Chain Hoist, Air Chain Hoists and Explosion Proof Hoists.

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Harrington Hoist

Harrington NER2 Electric Chain Hoists - Industrial Grade Hoists


Harrington Electric Chain Hoists have established a reputation as a Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist suited for almost any harsh application. 


Extreme Duty Hoist Motor

Harrington Electric Hoists feature 60 Minute Duty Rated Motors.  Motor increases performance with Class B Insulation, cooling fins and standard thermal motor protection.


The Guardian Smart Brake Technology

Harrington Electric Chain Hoists  are equipped with "The Guardian" Smart Brake Techology which is a fail safe maintaince free brake with a 10 Year Warranty.


Friction Clutch and Optional Mechanical Load Brake

All Harrington Electric Hoists feature a Friction Clutch which protects the hoist from damage and prevents overwinding.   The Optional Mechanical Load Brake available in ER Model Hoists acts as a secondary brake incase of motor brake failure.


Unique Load Sheave

Harrington Hoist offers 5 pockets as a minimum which reduces chain vibration and increases chain life.


High Strength Corrosion and Wear Resistant Load Chain

All Harrington Hoists feature Grade 80, Nickel Plated Load Chain which greatly increases resistance to chain wear and fatigue



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