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Increase productivity and reduce work related injuries by supplying your staff Material Handling Equipment supplied by Ace Crane. Ace Crane has a diverse line of Material Handling Products to aid your material flow throughout your plant.
Our complete line of material handling equipment is the right choice for executing many difficult tasks at workplace. Material handling equipment include Lift Tables, Positioners, Tilters and Upenders, Stackers, Pallet Jacks and also Drum Handling Equipment.

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Lift Tables


Lift Tables are a great way to reduce back injuries by re-positioning work at a suitable height for operators.


Scissor Tables can be configured with multiple height positions, low profile designs, equipped with turntables.


Scissor Lift Tables Available in Manual, Electric and Air Power.




Work Positioners are designed to Automatically Raise & Lower during the loading and unloading process. 


Work Positioners maintain the load at an ergonomic height reducing the operators need to reach, bend or twist.  Work Positioners are a great solution to reducing back injuries during the loading and unloading process.  


Work Positioners are available in Stationary & Mobile Solutions


Tilters and Upenders


Tilters and Upenders are used to ergonomically position or upend a load.


Tilters and Upenders are an efficient way to upend metal coils molds and dies and other heavy and bulky items.


Tilters and Upenders are available in Hydraulic, Air and Mechanical Units.




Reduce Forklift congestion by using Stackers in your warehousing operations.


Stackers are ideal for use in workstation or tight and congested areas. Stock shelves, Load and unload trucks, and handle pallets, molds or dies.


Stackers are available in Manual and Power Units.


Pallet Jacks


The Bishamon BS Series Pallet Jacks set the standard for durability, quality and easy of use.


The BS Series Pallet Truck uses quality components and manufacturing techniques and is completely rebuildable.


Drum Handling


Ace Crane supply a diverse range of drum and barrel handling equipment to lift, move and pour drums.

Lift Tables Positioners Tilters & Upenders Stackers Drum Handling

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