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www.acecrane.comThe EZ Loader will handle most of your palletloading / unloading needs!Automatic work positioners are the modern way to manually load and unload pallets. They improve efficiency and reduce injury by bringing the level and location of the top of load closer to the person doing the work. Pallet loading and unloading time can be reduced by

40%, thereby substantially increasing productivity.


The EZ Loader will handle a wide

range of weight capacities from 250 lbs. up to 4,000 lbs.

To make it even better, we added the EZ Adjust knob – a three position knob that allows adjustment of the collapsed capacity without changing the air pressure!


* No mechanical springs, uses captive air to eliminate the need for a constant air supply

* Self-raising and lowering of the  pallet as load weight changes

* No springs to change or estimating of weight

* Simple adjustments of weight capacities to work requirements

* Self-dampening eliminates the need for shock absorbers

*Rotator ring minimizes walking and

reaching during the loading process

*Smooth, even rotator ring motion improves worker efficiency

*Work is always at the optimum level so worker does not have to bend, stretch or strain

*Requires very little maintenance


EZ Loaders
reduce worker fatigue

Application :

The workers in this manufacturing work cell must place finished products on a pallet on the floor for final shipment.

Problem :

Completed boxed products are presented to the work cell for palletizing. Cases are heavy and workers must walk around the pallet to build the load. The employees constantly reach, lift, bend and stretch in order to place the boxed product on the pallet. This labor intense activity and related worker fatigue are considered “part of the job”.

Solution :

Here the client invested in EZ Loaders for the pallet loading process.  The boxed product is stacked on the pallet on the EZ Loader which automatically lowers as the weight and load height increases. The load height accommodates the workers comfort level and the rotating top eliminates reach over to place containers on the pallet. The result is less bending, reaching, stretching and reduced worker fatigue. The EZ Loader has improved productivity as well as simplify the loading process in this production area.


Please allow Ace Crane an opportunity to offer solutions for your clients work positioning problems.


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