Cal Osha Inspection

Your cranes are subject to strict Cal-OSHA standards. We have over 20 years experience inspecting cranes to help you maintain full compliance with OSHA standards

Thorough crane and hoist inspections can save your company significant amount of time and money. These inspections are not just a compliance issue - they make sense from a safety, productivity and profit standpoint as well.

High-quality crane and hoist inspections are the best investment you can make within your material handling program. We never cut corners when it comes to inspections, and neither should you: it's the key component to a true preventive maintenance program.

Ace Crane has trained and inspectors that check critical electrical, mechanical and structural components for safety and proper operating condition.

Ace Crane offers Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Crane Inspections and Quadrennial Proof Load Certification for All Types of Overhead Cranes and Hoists.


How often are Crane Inspections Required?

Daily - Crane Operator to Inspect Crane prior to each work shift.  This inspection should be documented.

Periodic - Periodic Inspections must be conducted 4 x / year.  The Annual Inspection can be considered as one of the Periodic Inspections

Annual - For Cranes above 3 Ton Capacity, an Annual Crane Inspection is required to be performed and this inspection must be performed by a Cal-OSHA Certified Crane Inspector.  After completion of inspection, a  Plate V Certificate is issued documented that the Crane has passed Inspection.

Quadrennial - For Cranes above 3 Ton Capacity, Proof Load Test Certification is also required.  This Load Test Certificate is to be issued on a Plate V Certificate.  This Quadrennial Load Test is to be performed every 4 years.


When are Cranes Required to be Proof Load Tested?

  • At the time of a New Installation.  (For Cranes above 3 Ton Capacity, this Initial Load Test Certificate Can Not be issued by the Company Supplying or installing the Crane.)
  • Before returning the crane back into service after a major modification or repair of important structural components
  • In cases when a Crane has been out of service for 6 months or more past the anniversary date of certification inspection


 What must be checked during a Daily Crane Inspection?

  • All Functional Mechanisms - for maladjustment interfering with proper operation
  • All Limit Switches - for operation without a load on the hook
  • Lines, Tanks, Valves, Pumps - and other parts of air or hydraulic systems for deterioration or leakage.
  • Load Hooks - for deformation and cracks
  • Hoist or Load Attachment Chains - including end connections for excessive wear, twist, distorted or stretched links interfering with proper function. 
  • Wire Ropes and Rope Slings - for excessive wear, broken wires, stretch, kinking, or twisting of ropes and rope slings, including end connections.