Single Point Anchor Systems

Ace Crane offers the XS Platforms Globe Eye and Impact 360 Single Point Anchors to protect employees from accidental falls from roof tops.

These systems can be used as stand-alone systems or in conjunction with a point to point system.

To use, you simply attach the end of your deceleration device (SRL or SAL fall arrester) to the roof anchor’s "eye.” The eye rotates 360°, giving you complete freedom of movement around the anchorage.


XS Globe Eye Single Anchor

The XS Globe Eye roof anchor can be used by itself or, more commonly, with multiple anchorages installed in a point-to-point system, allowing you to attach to different points as you move across the rooftop.

XS Impact 360° Single Anchor

The XS Impact 360° roof anchor features an shock-absorbing post that bends in the direction of the fall to protect your roof.
The height of the energy-absorbing posts allows greater distances between two roof anchorages: up to 50’ (15m), depending on your rooftop configuration.


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Single Point Anchor Systems

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