Welcome to Acecrane

Since 1982, Ace Crane has been serving industry with Sales, Services and Repair of Industrial Cranes, Hoists and Overhead Handling Equipment.

Ace Crane offers Rugged, Reliable and Cost-Effective Crane Solutions. We specialize in Low Headroom solutions and Freestanding Crane Systems that can fit in almost any application. Ace Crane is a City of Los Angeles Certified Fabrication Shop to help insure that the crane that you buy from Ace Crane is of the highest quality.

To protect your investment, Ace Crane has trained technicians to Inspect, Repair and Service all makes and models of cranes, hoists and overhead material handling equipment. Ace Crane's Safety Program is prequalified by ISNET World and Avetta / PICS Auditing.

To improve the productivity of your workplace, Ace Crane also specializes in Ergonomic Material Handling Solutions. We have a team of qualified salespeople to evaluate your current process and make recommendations to improve the efficiency of your process and safety of your staff.

Ace Crane offers a full line of Cranes and Material Handling equipment to fit almost any application! Call or email us and we will evaluate your current situation and provide you the best solution to your material handling problem.


Crane & Hoist Repairs

Ace Crane can provide Crane & Hoist Repairs on All Makes and Models of Overhead Cranes and Hoists !

Cal-OSHA Crane Inspection

Keep your cranes in safe operating condition and in compliance with Cal-OSHA Regulations by having your cranes inspected by Ace Crane.

Preventative Maintenance

Insure that your Industrial Cranes and Hoists are in peak operating condition by having them maintained by Ace Crane

Crane Modernization

Upgrade your older Bridge Crane and Hoist to meet current production requirements by replacing or rebuilding your hoists, adding new Crane and Hoist Drive Units or Structurally Upgrading your Overhead Crane to a higher capacity.