Freestanding Crane Structures


Ace Crane's Freestanding Crane Structures are a perfect solution for situations where overhead crane installation is otherwise difficult or impractical. 

For Crane Systems up to 5 Ton, runways can be installed above the floor without concrete footings, a perfect solution for pre-cast concrete buildings. 

Since all connections are bolted rather than welded, this system is easily dismantled and moved to another location, an advantage when used in a leased building. 

  • Capacities between 2 10 Ton Standard
  • Easy to Install
  • Easily relocated
  • Uses Standard Structural Shapes Easy to Modify
  • Great for buildings not originally designed for Overhead Cranes.


10 Ton Freestanding Crane Structure

20 ton Crane Structure 40 Feet Tall

5 Ton Freestanding Crane Structure

8 Ton Freestanding Structure with 4 Ton Cranes

4 Ton Crane Structure

5 Ton Crane 48 ft Bay

15 Ton Structure 48 ft Bays

5 Ton Freestanding Structure

10 Ton Crane Structure

50 Ton Crane Structure with (2) 25 Ton Cranes




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Freestanding Crane Structures

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Top Running Crane Structures - 2 to 3 Ton

Top Running Crane Structures - 5 to 10 Ton

Underhung Crane Structures - 2 to 3 Ton

Underhung Crane Structures - 5 to 10 Ton