Safe-Lec 2 V-Contact Buss Bar by Conductix

SAFE-LEC 2 ®V-Contact Conductor Bar System - the new standard in overhead crane electrification. SL 2 is ideal for monorail and material handling system electrification as well.

Safe-Lec 2 provides these great benefits:
  • Positive Tracking - "V-contact" in the bar guides the shoe and provides continuous conductivity. Collector arms articulate in a wide range of motion to help keep the collector shoe in contact with the rail.
  • Safe Insulation - Conductor bar is insulated for IP2 "finger-safe" operation.
  • Bolted Splice - a postive connection that cannot pull apart over time.
  • Minimum Number of Unique Parts - same cover profile fits all bar styles!
  • Easy System Configuration - using our advanced "Quick Quote" software.

Buss Bar System

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Conductix Safe-Lec 2 V Contact Buss Bar

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