Roof Top Cable Systems

Employees working within 15-0 of a roof edge need to be protected from an accidental fall.

Ace Crane offers the XS Platforms line of fall protection systems to guard against roof top fall hazards.

Benefits of the XS Platforms system include:

  • Freedom of Movement for up to 4 users
  • Unique Slider Design allows users to navigate turns without disengaging from system.
  • Patented Single Fastener Anchor
  • Intermediated Supports can span up to 49-0
  • Fast Installation
  • Easy Maintenance and Inspection


Typical Arrangements for XS Platform Roof Top Systems

Point to Point Protection

User Path Systems


Full Roof Perimeter Protection



For a detailed assessment of your Fall Arrest requirements, please call or email us.

XS Linked Cable Systems

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Roof Top Cable Systems

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